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Privacy settings of your event

There are different privacy settings available for your live stream with EventLive platform. To customize your event privacy settings, please login to Broadcaster console, click on your event and then choose Privacy Settings tab.


Only people with the link can watch - Anyone who has the link, can access and watch the live stream event and re-play

Password protected - You can protect your live stream link with a password.  Please keep in mind that if any of the guests share the link and password with someone, unfortunately we cannot control that.

Unpublished - The link will be taken down and the page will show up as "Not found"


Enabled - The guestbook is accessible and open to leave messages

Disabled - The guestbook is hidden and not visible at event page


Enabled - "Download" button will appear below the video player after the event and anyone with the link can download the stream video

Disabled - The video download link will only be available for the event host

Updated on: 12/09/2020