Live stream using multiple devices / angles

Multiple devices using EventLive app

If you are planning to use our dedicated iPhone or Android app, unfortunately, we do not allow streaming from multiple devices right now. You can stream from different phones throughout the day, but the stream has to be paused on one device first before starting the stream on the other phone.

Professional setup

If you are planning to use professional cameras, laptop, etc., you can have as many cameras as you like.
In short: you can connect multiple cameras to a computer with USB or HDMI and capture card and stream with free OBS software. Or use a dedicated streaming encoder such as YoloBox, ATEM mini Pro, or SlingStudio.

Please see our help article on how to stream with professional cameras.

Stream from multiple iOS devices

For iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), one of the options is using EventLive with Switcher Studio app for multi-device streaming (additional fees apply). Switcher Studio offers a pass for $20 per week. If you're planning to stream a lot they also have a subscription plan.

Updated on: 03/06/2021