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How much data does the app use for streaming?

EventLive app Data usage.

The EventLive app uses 1GB of data per hour of streaming (for default 720p streaming).

For streaming in 1080p using EventLive app, the data usage is 2.2GB per hour of streaming.

Even if your cell plan is Unlimited, it may have a data usage cap at high speed or "data throttling", which may affect your stream if you reach that limit. Please check your cellular plan details.

If you're confident with your internet connection speed and limits, you can switch EventLive to 1080p and higher quality bitrate by going to your phone's Settings=> EventLive and checking Use 1080p

RTMP Data usage

If you use other apps, like OBS, or professional devices streaming via RTMP you can easily calculate data used in an hour from your bitrate setting.

If you assume constant bitrate, CBR then the formula is to divide Mbps (Megabits per second) value by 2.2 to get (GigaBytes per hour). For example, 4.5Mbps bitrate will use about 2 GB per hour.

Converting using Google

Updated on: 29/04/2022