How to go live from multiple devices

The easiest way to go live to EventLive is using our app. It's simple, super-reliable, and real world tested.

Adding multiple angles adds quite a bit of complexity to going live. You almost certainly need an extra person to look after the stream and switch angles.

Go Live using multiple DSLR, mirrorless or other professional cameras or webcams

You will need:
- a hardware switcher / streamer device, like YoloBox, ATEM Mini Pro
- or a computer with streaming software like OBS Studio (free), Wirecast, vMix.

Webcams work with computers, while other professional cameras require HDMI capture card or similar device to convert HDMI to USB camera signal.

Grab RTMP settings of the Event in the app or in broadcaster. The stream key is unique for every test and special event. The test event stream key will not expire and be always available for your tests. The special event stream key is active one hour before the event.

Go Live using multiple iOS devices (iPhones or iPads)

Using Switcher Studio App to go live to EventLive platform

Switcher Studio allows to add multiple iOS devices and have powerful and easy to use interface. It is $20 to use for a week or has a monthly / yearly subscription. You can try it with Switcher Studio overlay for free.

- Download Switcher Studio app to all of your iPhones or iPads.
- Create an account, use one of the devices as a switcher.
- On the rest of the devices choose Share this device => Share this Camera
- On the Switcher device add Input and connect other devices

All of your devices must be on the same WiFi network. You either need to use the same router, or use one of the devices as a hotspot, and connect the rest of devices to it.

In output add Custom RTMP and paste your event's RTMP settings:

iPad Switcher Studio RTMP settings

Set the rest of the settings. Here we use 720p resolution, 2600kbps bitrate, default audio settings.

iPad RTMP settings Switcher Studio EventLive

Hit Go Live and take a look at your event page.

Other third party apps supporting multiple angles and working with EventLive platform

Airmix solo / Airmix remote by teradek.

Free app that lets you go Live to RTMP destination like EventLive with multiple sources. It is a little harder to get started with than Switcher Studio, and more geared towards professionals, but has no limitation on number of devices.


User friendly if you have devices on the same account (attention when you use sign in via Google / Apple you need to have access to that account on all devices, otherwise just use email and password). You can switch between 2 devices for free. Wide range of devices supported: computers, androids, etc.
Quality of remote camera is weak if connection to WiFi network is not perfect.

Updated on: 28/12/2021