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How to Live Stream with EventLive and OBS Studio

You can live stream from your laptop or desktop computer to EventLive event using Free OBS Studio software (available for Any platform: Windows, Mac or Linux). 

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free and open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program that most of professional live streamers use. It's easy to connect to EventLive platform.

Benefits of using OBS studio

Full control and customisation. Add multiple web cameras, and DSLRs (using capture cards), add images, videos, lower thirds, overlays, change scenes simply with shortcuts.
Advanced bitrate and quality settings: Choose appropriate bitrate and resolution for your internet connection.
Record your stream locally

Get your RTMP server URL and Event Stream Key

Sign in to EventLive Broadcaster Console and create an event or create a test event.
In your Broadcaster Console choose "How to / RTMP" tab in your event's details. Copy event's Stream Key. ![]

EventLive broadcaster RTMP

Install OBS Studio and Connect to EventLive

Download and Install OBS Studio on your computer.
Open OBS Studio, skip Auto Configuration Wizard
In OBS Studio choose Service:, and enter your event or test stream key.

If you use previous version of OBS choose "Custom..." for service and enter rtmp:// into Server field. Use the Stream Key you've copied from Broadcaster Console.

Add a (Web)Camera to OBS Studio

In OBS Studio Sources add (+) a new Video Capture Device. 
Name it and in Properties choose your Web Camera and appropriate Preset (for example 1280x720).

Start Streaming

Click Start Streaming and watch your stream Live at your private event link.
Click Start Recording to save the event video locally

Learn how to connect professional cameras to stream with EventLive
Learn how to set optimal streaming settings for your internet.
OBS Troubleshooting Guide

Things to remember

Every Event and Test Event has a unique stream key. Don't forget to change it between your tests and events.

Misconfiguration of OBS parameters can cause streams to be choppy. Please follow our recommended settings, and run tests before the event starts to ensure settings are appropriate for the internet connection speed.

Updated on: 04/06/2021