With Atem Mini Pro you can stream directly using an Ethernet cable which you would plug into your router, or as a USB cam out, that you can plug into your computer and use streaming software such as OBS Studio.

Using Restream.io? You can add our RTMP details to your Restream account and then just add your restream key to ATEM Software Control. Skip the rest of the instructions!

Download and install ATEM Switchers Update to install ATEM Control software

Plug in ATEM Mini Pro to your computer with USB cable to configure it. Run ATEM Setup program and Update your switcher

To add EventLive as a destination, On MacOS open Finder window, Go -> Go to Folder, paste this /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Switchers

Edit the file called Streaming.xml with a text or code editor

Add the following block just before the very last line (</streaming>)

<name>Streaming High</name>
<config resolution="1080p" fps="30">
<name>Streaming Medium</name>
<config resolution="1080p" fps="30">
<name>Streaming Low</name>
<config resolution="1080p" fps="30">

Save the file and enter your password if necessary.

Get the RTMP stream key for your event or test event:

Enter broadcaster.eventlive.pro, navigate to your event and copy stream key for the event.

Run ATEM Software Control. On the right hand side find Output and open Live Stream.
Choose EventLive in the dropdown
Enter stream key that you've got for your event into Key field
Choose appropriate quality to your internet connection (High / Medium / Low)

Connect to network with Ethernet cable, or share internet via USB-C from your mobile, or computer. Go live.

If the ATEM mini ON AIR status is blinking but it would not go live, check that your internet is being shared from your computer or phone (in settings). If using Ethernet, make sure you're connected right to the router.