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How to incorporate remote speakers into event with Zoom

EventLive platform lets you go live with a one-way stream. The guests simply click the link, and watch the event live. The guests have an option to join after the event and watch the replay.
There's an interactive guestbook for the guests, that they can sign or use to communicate.

But what if you have some special guests that you would like to join the broadcast as remote speakers? There is a way to do that by integrating Zoom with EventLive.

The advantage of that is you can include special guests who can speak remotely and have many more guests simply watching at the link.

Create a zoom call for the guests you wish to interact with or those you want to appear on stream. Send them meeting invitation.
Download OBS Studio for your operating system. See instructions on how to go live with OBS and EventLive.
In OBS Sources right-click and choose Add > Window Capture > Create new ("Zoom") > OK, choose Zoom Meeting window in the list

The Zoom window will appear in OBS and you can broadcast it's context. Simply adjust the window in view. You can also crop the preview to hide zoom buttons.

Add your other sources to other scenes (Webcam, Static image, Pre-recorded video, etc.), and switch between them during the broadcast.

Free version of zoom only allows 45 minute calls

If you have a corporate Zoom account and your administrator enables it, you can also go live to EventLive with Zoom directly.

Updated on: 10/05/2021