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How to let someone else stream your event

Stream from a different device

To stream from a different device from the one you bought the event:
- Download our app (EventLive in App Store or Play Store)
- Sign in with the same email and password you used the first time.

At this time it's not possible to stream from multiple devices at the same time.
You can stop streaming on one device and start on another.

You have a few options to let someone else stream your event (a friend, a relative, or a contractor, like photographer or videographer).

Share your login credentials

- Set a password to something you can easily share
- Send the link to our app and let your friend sign in with the same email and password on another device.

Send them the RTMP details

- Log in to Broadcaster Console
- Navigate to your event and click RTMP
- Copy credentials and send to your videographer they can go live with any device.

Get someone else to go live with EventLive app

- To let videographer use the app to stream the event without accessing your account, construct and send them a link like this:

- They won't need to sign in or create an event. They can access the event via the link.

Send the videographer a test event link as well as the actual event link so they can practice.

Do not share your stream key or RTMP url elsewhere. Anyone can go live to your event with that secret stream key.

Updated on: 20/07/2021