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How to stream to EventLive platform with Larix Broadcaster app

In certain cases it might be useful to have more granular control of the settings of the stream, when streaming from mobile device. We aim for simplicity and ease of use with EventLive app. We also support streaming from 3rd party apps to EventLive platform using RTMP protocol.

Here's how to stream to EventLive with Larix Broadcaster (available on both iOS and Android):

Find Larix broadcaster in the App Store or Play Store:

Find RTMP settings for your event in Broadcaster Console

RTMP settings in broadcaster console

Open Larix Broadcaster and allow use of camera and microphone.
Open Larix Settings => Connections and tap the "+" sign
Add a connection Name such as "EventLive Event" or "EventLive test1".
Copy paste the URL from the broadcaster settings, such as: rtmp://

Go back to Settings -> Video make sure you use
Resolution 1280x720 or above
Bitrate 2000kbps or above (it should be relevant to your upload speed)
Frame rate 30fps
Keyframe frequency: 2 sec
Format: H.264

Go to Settings -> Record and turn on Record stream and choose the appropriate Storage location.

Leave settings and you should be ready to stream with Larix Broadcaster to EventLive platform.

Updated on: 24/02/2021