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How to use iPhones as cameras in OBS

Here are a few solutions to use iPhones as cameras in OBS to go live to EventLive platform.

How to Live Stream with EventLive and OBS Studio

Using your phone as a web cam is helpful with OBS streaming to EventLive, and also for your calls on Zoom, Meet, Teams, Skype, Slack, Google Chrome, Cisco Webex, etc. It usually is much better quality than other webcams.

$24.99 lifetime
Wi-Fi or USB
MacOS, Windows
Wireless (NDI support) or USB

OBS Ninja

Reincubate Camo
Windows, MacOS
$39.99 / year

NDI Camera app

On slow networks it's recommendable to use USB when possible, to avoid affecting the stream quality even more.

Updated on: 23/07/2021