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Use YoloBox with EventLive

To go Live with Yolobox go to Connections tab and hit the + icon. Choose new Custom RTMP

YoloBox will offer you to send a special link to your email where you could configure the connection.

Following the link from email, enter the following:

Set RTMP name: EventLive

Server URL: rtmp://
If you're in Asia or Australia, try this alternate RTMP server URL: rtmps://

Stream key: Stream key from EventLive Event's settings

Do not check Authentication checkbox. Stream key is unique to each event, it's all you need to stream to your event page. Please keep it private.

YoloBox may not allow you enter connections for multiple events. If you need to delete a connection to add a different event's stream key swipe connection and choose Delete.

Some tips to improve live streaming quality with YoloBox

- Update YoloBox software and firmware to the lates version
- Use less cameras (do not add multiple HDMI + phone or USB webcam at the same time)
- Use CBR bitrate mode. Lower the bitrate if necessary
- Use 720p resolution with 2000-3000kbps bitrate
- In Settings, choose Direct for streaming mode
- Do not use overlays or extra features
- Make sure the device does not overheat

Updated on: 12/12/2022